TableTalk #3: Future of Work

With digitalization and technology progressing, work life and how we view employment is radically changing. Nobody can say for sure how the future of work will look. But it seems times have never been better for qualified women to profit from this change and growth in highly-skilled jobs. We go deeper into this topic and talk about challenges and advantages the future world of work holds for us. At our TableTalk Future of Work we wanted to enlight all perpectives of todays worklife and the opportunities for the future in our digital age. Therefore we picked a very inspiring location - the showroom of Sitzfeldt in Berlin. Because future of work also has a lot to do with the work environment. Besides that Heimat Head of Transformation Eero Aalto gave an impulse speech on the how flexible and ew work flows are needed in a society wherework is being redifined. And ooshi co-founder Kristine gave us a little glimps into how they put new work into pracice at there office on a daily basis.